Congress Program
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Public-talk with Anatoly Chubais “Nanoindustry Success Story: from 10 to 10”

Government support tools such as grants, preferential credits, financial guarantees, co-financing the expenses have become the traditional on the Russian hi-tech market, but are they demanded by business?

What markets bare the most promising potential in terms of nanotechnologies application in the nearest 10-year-persepective?

What development strategy is chosen by CEOs of nanotechnology companies today? These and many other questions has constituted the agenda of the public talk session – interview together with interactive communication with the audience.

Public-talk moderator:

Ilya Kopelevich

Edior-in-chief, Business FM


Anatoly Chubais

Chairman of the Board, RUSNANO

Plenary Session
Plenary Session
«National Technology Initiative (NTI) and Nanotechnologies: Nano in Nets?

The new global markets of autonomous cars and automated flying vehicles, marine intellectual systems, personalized medicine, intellectual energy are now only taking shapes but will come out surely in true colors and scale in 10-15 years. Establishing new areas of growth in Russian economy within the frameworks of the National technology initiative (NTI) is the step toward creating the opportunity areas for Russian companies and fostering leaders of the markets of the future. By developing the so-called pass-through technologies that can be applied to any market (Net) that is in NTI’s focus, NTI gives a real opportunity to fight for the global leadership. One of these technologies might be the one of creating smart materials with customized properties – which is applicable to any material-based industry. How new materials can reshape the world markets chessboard and leadership, what role do nanotechnologies play in this game?


Denis Kovalevich

Co-founder and CEO, TECHNOSPARK


Denis Kovalevich

Co-founder and CEO, TECHNOSPARK

Martin Hinoul

LRD (Leuven Research & Development) KULeuven

Alexander Pinsky

Deputy CEO, TRANSAS Group of Companies Deputy head of the Working Group of MariNet

Sergey Polyakov

CEO, Fund (Federal) for Assistance to Innovative Enterprises

Alexey Borovkov

Vice-rector for innovative projects, Professor - Mechanics and Control, Peter the Great St.Petersburg Polytechnic University (SPbPU), co-leader TechNet

Alexander Shumsky

Executive Vice-president, Russian Fashion Council, co-leader FashionNet

Dmitry Peskov

Head of «Young Professionals» Initiative, Agency of strategic Initiatives

Vlaimir Gurdus

CEO, RMI Partners

Mikhail Samsonov

Chief Medical Officer, R-Pharm, Deputy Head of the HealthNet work Group

Solemn Award Ceremony “Russian nanotechnology product”
Parallel sessions
Panel Discussion
Panel Discussion
“Human Resources for Nanoindustry: Emerging Shapes of New Education System“

The discussion will bring together members of the Federal Educational and Methodology in Higher Education in Nanotechnology and Nanomaterials Professions Group Association, universities representatives, CEOs of nanoindustry enterprises and representatives of the Innovation ecosystem development institutes.

New industry – nanoindustry – has required new types of human resources since its appearance, therefore rebuilding the system of engineering education. It was not only about new knowledge but about project management competences, about readiness for changes. The development of human resources for Nanoindustry required rebuilding the existing engineers basic education system, development technology entrepreneurship education programs, create a new system providing constant competences update process. The session participants will discuss what they’ve learned from training professionals for nanoindustry, and directions of professional education development in this sphere.


Isak Froumin

Academic Advisor at the HSE Institute of Education


Sergey Panin

Head of Department at Tomsk Polytechnic University, Chairman of the Federal Educational and Methodology in Higher Education in Nanotechnology and Nanomaterials Professions Group Association

Yury Udalstov

Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board, RUSNANO MC LLC

Sergey Yushko

Acting Rector, Kazan National Research Technological University

Sergey Tsybukov

CEO, LLC "Plastic processing plant named after “Komsomolskaya Pravda”

Vladimir Kosteev

Executive Director, iR&D Club

Andrey Senyut

Vice-president, OCSiAl, CEO, OCSiAl Energy

Round Table Talk
Round Table Talk
Startups Changing the World: Nanotechnologies Disrupt the Logistic Market?

Topics for discussion:

• What’s going on with logistic chains and technologies in Russia and all over the world?

• Why do Amazon and Alibaba finance the logistic of delivery to their clients and how long will it stay this way?

• How many robots does Russia need to change the performance of the logistic centers drastically and who manufactures these robots?

• How are Yandex and Sberbank going to contest with Alibaba/T-Mall on the Russian market?

• What nanotechnologies are vital for raising the logistic effectiveness 100 times?

• Robots in logistic sector: absolute humans’ replacement or future employers?

• When does Pochta Rossii buys the first robot?


Denis Kovalevich

Co-founder and CEO, TECHNOSPARK


Stas Naumov

Director GR, X5 Retail Group

Igor Chebunin

Head of Logistic Development Department, Pochta Rossii

Tatiana Lyubimova

CEO, DHL eCommerce Russia

Evgeny Belov

CEO, Kosmos Logistik

Vladislav Davankov

Vice-presdient, Faberlic

Alex Vasiliev

Head of Russian Office, Cainiao

Round Table
Round Table
Braking Administrative Barriers on the Way of Innovative Companies

• System of Control and Supervision Reform;

• Out-of-date Technology Requirements and Norms Modernization;

• Brining to life Road-Maps aimed at Business-Friendly Environment Development;

• Mechanisms of Development Innovation Business friendly Environment: Regulatory Experiments.


Ekaterina Shapochka

Member of the Government Committee on Open Government Activity Coordination


Alexey Kachay

Deputy Director – Strategy, Fund For Infrastructure and Educational Programs

Alexander Bragin

Director, Non-commercial Fund «Forum Analytical Center”, Member of the Expert Committee at the Government of te Russian Federation

Sergey Shtepa

CEO, Metaclay

Andrey Mitin

Commercial Director, ICM Glass Kaluga

Veronika Djujoma

First Deputy Director of the Project Office - System of Control and Supervision Reform Realization at the Analytical Center of the Government of the Russian Federation

Plenary Session
Plenary Session
Professionals of the Future

In our VUCA and technology revolution world the appearance of the new professions is not an extraordinary thing but a routine one. At least 10 of today’s most demanded and highly paid professions did not exist 10 years ago – such as big data specialist, mobile applications developer, etc.

90% of the information that we have today have been generated during the last 2 years. Under such circumstances the meta-skills like soft skills start prevailing over practical knowledge in certain areas of occupation. The meta-skills mean cognitive flexibility, ability to study fast in today’s changing world, manage correctly the information flows and develop memory, be creative, be a leader, be communicative. The upcoming decades will make the trend stronger, therefore the questions arise: are people ready for the changing education paradigm, what technologies of tomorrow determine the competences to be studied today?


Denis Konanchuk

Academic Director, Moscow School of Management SKolkovo


Andrey Gromashev

Chief Technologist, Aerocomposite

Inga Gerasimenko


Vyacheslav Blagirev

Director Digital, Rostelecom

Igor Sergeev

Head Department – Civil Instrumentation Development, Shvabe

Stanislav Rozmirovich

Director – Center of Innovations Research, Innovation Management Institute, Higher School of Economics

Plenary Session
Plenary Session
Awards, Ratings and Competitions’ role in innovation products and companies promotion

The Silver Archer award, the competition and rating “Tehuspekh”, other competitions such as GenerationS Tech-In-Media, StartUp Village, National Rating of the Technoparks in Russia, corporate competitions such as VIK.Nano, Green Chip, Science Slam – the key speakers – invited experts from Russian Venture Company, Skolkovo, Moscow Government, companies – competitors will talk about the role of these events.

No doubt, the companies submit applications for the competitions to promote their products as well, but at the same the competitions still determine the best practices in different industrial areas and innovations product consumers. But does it all help to stimulate the R&D, the demand, does it attracts the venture funds, private investors, how it contributes to the synergy of entrepreneurship and science?

Topics for discussion

· What and whom do the ratings and awards established for? For the organizers, competitors, consumers.

· Does the winning influence the company’s capitalization fir reputation?

· Does demand grow – on the prdoucts that have been highly rated by the award committee?

· Do the companies need to arrange their own competitions and tale part in the ratings and awards? If yes – who, when and how to do that?

· What is the best way to “pack” the products for the award participation?


Yakov Minevich

Director – Federal part of the Silver Archer Award, secretary – Board of Trustees, Board of Experts, Silver Archer Award


Sergey Filippov

Head of the Popularization Division, Fund for infrastructure and Development programmers

Ilya Kurmyshev

Director – Technology Partnerships Development, Russian Venture company

Valentina Suslova

Head of Competition – Innovation Technologies in education, creative industries, smart city “Mosgorteh”, Moscow Agency of Innovation

Olga Kuzmina

Head of “Open Submission” Programme, Moscow Agency of Innovation

Pavel Gudkov


Ekaterina Inozemtseva

Vice-President - Strategy, Skolkovo Fund

Panel Discussion
Panel Discussion
«High Technology Products Export Support Tools»

Supported by Russian Export Center:

• The programs and tools developed by government in cooperation with innovation ecosystem development institutes and relevant agencies.

• Client-friendly service development by One-stop-shop principle priority;

• Developing list of services of financial/non-financial support for export –oriented manufacturers;

• What Instruments of financial and administrative support of export developed be the Russian export center are mostly demanded by the manufacturers?

• Cooperation of Russian export center with innovation development institutes in developing the complex export support measures and tools;

• What is the Russian manufacturers experience in hi-tech products export and in Russian export center support tools usage?


Mikhail Antipov

Director – Export Projects Support, Russian Export Center


Mikhail Antipov

Director – Export Projects Support, Russian Export Center

Alexander Meshscheriakov

Managing Director, Russia Export Center DmitryKogan, CEO , Prepreg-ACM

Andrey Belousov

CEO, Elvees Neotech Maria Isakova, Head of Logistics and Processing Management, Lanxess

Closing evening reception
Closing evening reception
Closing evening reception